How To Choose/Invest In Altcoins That Will Increase By 10x – 1000x or more!

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1 thought on “Lesson 3 – How To Evaluate Altcoins to determine if they will increase by 10x – 1000x in value”

  1. 1. Review The Team, project history, and project activity
    a. How is transparent the project?
    b. Are the main team members listed on the website?
    c. how experienced as these individuals (are there links to their linkedIn profiles)?
    d. Are these team members associated with any other current or previous projects?
    e. Who are the advisers? (Project advisers are often very important to the credibility of an project)
    2. Review the Coinmarketcap and Coingecko data for the coin (if available)
    a. Have they hit all of their milestones? (Did they deliver what they’ve promised in a specific period of time.)
    b. Have they delivered a working product?
    c. The amount of activity
    i. social media discussing the reaching of milestones
    ii. new goals
    iii. new partnerships
    iv. new exchanges
    v. If a coin is not listed on coingecko, that in and of itself is often a red flag.
    3. Review The Bitcointalk thread for activity
    3. Using Investor Psychology

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1 thought on “How To Choose/Invest In Altcoins That Will Increase By 10x – 1000x or more!”

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